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After God's Own Heart Commitment, Discipleship, and Trial
As For Me and My House Family, Discipleship, Commitment, and Marriage / Wedding Songs
Be Thou Brave Commitment, Exhortation, and Courage and Conviction
View Draw Nigh to God Commitment and Discipleship
Earnestly Contend Christ's Return, Commitment, Courage and Conviction, and Discipleship
View Endless Possibilities Kingdom, Christ's Return, and Commitment
In the Bud of early Springtime Commitment
Lift Up Your Heads Courage and Conviction, Commitment, and Christ's Return
Living in the Last Days
Misc Jehoshaphat Music
Christ's Return, Commitment, and Discipleship
Press Toward the Mark Discipleship, Courage and Conviction, and Commitment
Show Thyself a Man Exhortation, Courage and Conviction, and Commitment
Stand Fast Courage and Conviction and Commitment
The Heritage of Jacob The Word, Israel, Courage and Conviction, and Commitment
The Promise of Life Commitment, Discipleship, Timothy - Letters To, and Youth
Those Who Endure Unto the End
Misc Jehoshaphat Music
Commitment and Courage and Conviction